Ted Cruz exposes the real reason Biden and Harris refuse to visit the border

500 citizen volunteers point to problems with voter registration files: report

GDP report delivers grim news for Biden鈥檚 inflation-ridden economy

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At his latest Save America rally event in Michigan, Donald Trump comments on the various 'witch hunts' orchestrated against him and his family in recent years and months.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged reality television star Kim Kardashian for unlawfully touting the crypto security EthereumMax, the agency said in a statement.

ICYMI: In Greg Kelly's "Cops Under Fire" series, he interviews former New York City Mayor @RudyGiuliani who weighs in on soft-on-crime policies in American cities that he says will soon change.

A freight train moving military equipment associated with a nuclear arms division of Russia's Defense Ministry is reportedly on the move, stoking fears of a possible escalation of President Vladimir Putin鈥檚 war against Ukraine.

Illegal migrants in New York City headed to Florida during the weekend to assist in Hurricane Ian cleanup.

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BREAKING: An advisor to a Burisma-linked DC firm is now a senior staffer for the Jan 6 Committee

Ukraine-Russia Peace:

- Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people.

- Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev鈥檚 mistake).

- Water supply to Crimea assured.

- Ukraine remains neutral.

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SHOCKING: As we predicted鈥 All masks tested positive for Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), a group 2B carcinogenic. The best (lowest contamination) has more than 5x the acceptable limit.

Ohh and by the way, you are forcing your kid to breathing through it.

Take it from me, 14 years as an attorney. The Court is NOT where you resolve vaccine and mask mandate issues. Unless you want to be set up for disappointment or wait five years for an opinion, massive civil disobedience, walkouts and just saying no works much better and quicker.

What kind of psychopath tortures puppies? The same kind of psychopath who funded the creation of COVID and then lied about it for 18 months, including to Congress.

Anyone waiting for a better time to defend Freedom in the United States will ensure better times never come.

Freedom always costs us something.

Pay it now.

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BREAKING REPORT: High School Girls from Randolph High School in Vermont BANNED FROM THEIR OWN LOCKER ROOM 鈥 Charged with 'HARASSMENT' AND 'BULLYING' After voicing concerns about changing with transgender athlete..

In an internal video the group behind the Virginia school transgender walkouts admitted a large portion of students didn't care about the cause & just wanted to skip school, & boasted about tricking news outlets across the globe that gave glowing coverage

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We can never let anything like that happen again in America.

Catch the fire of God鈥檚 presence as @seanfeucht shares the latest on the Let Us Worship movement and empowering tips from his new book Bold: Moving Forward In Faith, Not Fear. Tune in tomorrow at 7am, 8:30pm & 2am ET on @Daystar! #JoniTableTalk

Here comes Night #4 of filling hundreds of theaters across America with REVIVAL! 馃敟馃幀馃帴馃檹馃徑

The screens that have discipled a generation in violence, perversion, death and fear are now SHOWING THE STORY OF THE GOSPEL!!!


Join us for Flashpoint LIVE-Phoenix, AZ on Thur 10/20 & Fri, 10.21 at 7p/ MST @dreamcitychurch.

We're... @genebailey, @hankkunneman, @lancewallnau, @mariomurillomin, @dutchsheets, @pastormarkburns,@WestJournalism @davidjharrisjr, @KariLake @seanfeucht.

Watching the @dallascowboys game with two future Senators who love God and love America. @bgmasters @KellyForAlaska

We had an incredible conversation about how the church needs to engage and vote like never before in November!

More on this stay tuned 馃檹馃徑馃嚭馃嚫


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33 people were shot in Chicago this weekend.

Atlanta鈥檚 overall crime rate is worse than Chicago鈥檚.

And Philadelphia鈥檚 experienced over 300 more homicides this year than Atlanta.

What do they all have in common? They鈥檙e controlled by the Left.

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Tweets from Ukrainian Nazi Sergei 鈥淏otsman鈥 Korotkikh, who has now made his account private, say Gonzalo Lira has been kidnapped, tortured and might be beheaded. Impossible to verify, but this is plausible. SBU is known to torture and murder its victims.

Juan Sinmiedo@Youblacksoul

From the Twitter account of infamous Ukrainian neo Nazi Boatsman (remember his name, he was in the first group of troops to enter Bucha)
Gonzalo Lira is most likely been taken by them... He's watching here just now by the way.
@MapsUkraine 4

Remember back in 2017 when the media laughed at Trump for highlighting Sweden鈥檚 massive problem with migrant riots?

Not so funny now, is it?

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar faces a torrent of backlash after she tweeted a video of Christians on a plane celebrating Easter by singing, with a caption about what would happen if she exercised her religious beliefs while flying.

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One year ago today I had my 2nd @pfizer vaccination and life as I knew it changed. The past year of suffering #vaccineinjuries has had a huge mental, emotional and financial toll. I celebrate today that I鈥檓 still here but I also shed a river of tears for the life I鈥檝e now lost

Gonna have some huge news this week. The Biden administration was caught doing something unprecedented in America. Reporters and my lawyers have it. There鈥檚 no stopping it from coming out. We caught them in full blown election interference. Big Tech is involved too.

Stay tuned鈥

The blessing of all the new illegal immigrants? Most are Conservative. When The Word says 鈥淗e will cause your enemies to bless you鈥- it鈥檚 safe thank a Democrat for the invasion that will work in our favor. Start poaching @ScottPresler

As we approach Yom Kippur, I wanted to share a piece I wrote in 2018 that still applies today. @monicaonairtalk @1GaryBernstein @LizWillis_ @MaxNordau @Nefertari_25 @joelpollak @RepLeeZeldin @TheDaveWeinbaum

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George Conway is a whacky conspiracy theorist who believes in "Russian Collusion." Nothing he says should be taken seriously.

Governor @KristiNoem cut the grocery tax to help South Dakotans who are struggling because of Bidenflation.

Her far left opponent @RepJamieSmith criticized her for doing that.

What is wrong with the Democrats?!

I still can鈥檛 believe that Joe Biden said that 鈥済etting vaccinated鈥 was the best way to prepare for a Hurricane.

Could you imagine if Donald Trump said something so absurd?

Joe Biden is a demented disgrace to our nation!

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Iowa News:

A month ago, Republicans had an advantage of 87,107 voter registrations.

Today, that lead has increased to 88,024.

While 馃數 gained 587 voters, 馃敶 gained 1,504.

Cindy Axne (D-IA03), we鈥檙e coming for your seat.

New Mexico News:

A month ago, democrats had an advantage of 179,031 voter registrations.

Today, that lead has been narrowed to 178,630.

While 馃數 gained 744 voters, 馃敶 gained 1,145.

Thank you to the New Mexico activists who made this happen.

Pennsylvania Voter Registration:

From 9/12-9/26, democrats gained 7,669 voters, while Republicans gained 6,407.

Democrats maintain an advantage of 541,585 voter registrations.

I hope more volunteers step up to help.

As of today, 70,491 people have voted early in Virginia.

While 27,073 voted by mail, 43,418 voted in-person.

In these 馃數馃敎馃敶 districts, here is the breakdown of the vote:

-2nd CD: 8,954
-7th CD: 8,624
-10th CD: 6,369

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